bvar is a collection of R routines for estimating Linear and Nonlinear Bayesian Vector Autoregressive models in R. The R code is based on the Matlab Code by Blake and Mumtaz (2012) and Koop and Koribilis (2009)

Models and functionalities include:

  • VAR Models
    • Linear VARs
    • Regime Switching VARs
    • Threshold VARs
    • Factor-Augmented Models
  • Identification of Structural Models
    • Cholesky decomposition
    • Sign Restrictions
  • Functionalities to further analyze VARs
    • Impulse-Response Functions
    • Forecast error variance decomposition
    • Forecasting
    • historical decomposition
  • Project Homepage
  • Python version (WIP)


To install the package you need the devtools package. If you don’t have the devtools package, you can install it with


Once you have installed the devtools package you can install the bvar package with